Pawn & Loans

At Trading Post LLC, our loan professionals work hard to get you the most cash for your valuables. Our customer service is second to none.


To ensure the best loan, we commonly offer cash for:

  • Jewlery

  • Guns

  • Home Entertainment Systems

  • Flatscreen TVs

  • Laptops

  • Automobiles

  • Gold and Silver

  • Lawnmowers

  • Mopeds 

  • Dirtbikes and Go-karts

  • Trailers

A pawn and a loan are the same thing. A pawn loan means we must keep an item as collateral. If you aren't sure that you want to keep an item, you can also sell it to us. Selling items that you really don't want, rather than pawning, is more beneficial. You can also "write off" a pawn loan if you decide later that you do not want to come back for it. Did you know that you usually get more money for selling an item outright than pawning it? How often you redeem your loans also helps us decide how much to loan on an item. Keeping a good pick-up rate will help you if you ever get in a bind and need extra cash. 


Pawn/Loan Rules:


All you need is a current drivers license or state photo ID. Our interest is 20% every month. The first month is a 20% charge, no matter when you pick up your item. After the first month the 20% is prorated and broken down by the day. What this means is that if you are only a few days late, then you are not charged for a full extra month. If you make no payments for 90 days, then the item "drops out" of loan status and we can sell it to recover our loan investment. Every time that you make a full month's interest payment, then you have another month to get your item out of pawn. You can indefinitely keep your items in pawn by paying a full month's interest charge each and every month. It helps you get your item paid off easier! You can pick up your item whenever you like. There is a new state mandated hold time on jewelry now, however. We must keep jewelry in our possession for 10 days. If you pawn a gun then you will have to do paperwork to get it back, just like if you were buying a gun of the rack. State laws have recently changed to allow pawning handguns, as well as long guns.



Auto Pawn Rules:


You must have a current drivers license and the title to the vehicle. The title must be clean, with no liens. All of those named on the title must be present with current photo IDs as well. The state does require us to keep the vehicle and the title, just like any other loan. Indiana does not allow title loans. We do appreciate calling ahead to let us know if you will be picking up your vehicle. Vehicles, scooters, mowers, and like items are kept in off-site storage. It takes a little bit of time to get them and this will help us serve you faster!

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