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Stop by the Trading Post in Marion, Indiana to get your favorite tech device repaired! Our trained technicians currently fix:

  • Broken Screens

  • Viruses

  • Bad Batteries

  • Bad Components (keyboards, drives, etc)

  • Bad Hard drives

  • Some Software Issues

  • How to get a repair:

      1. Walk into the store (online orders not currently available)
      2. Have an employee fill out a repair request form
      3. Receive an estimated date of completion and cost (if applicable)
      4. Wait until the completion date
      5. Pay for services rendered
      6. That's it!

    Terms and Conditions:

    The Trading Post LLC does extend a 30 day guarantee on all applicable repairs. If the repair part is not provided by The Trading Post LLC, or if additional damage has been done to the device, then Trading Post LLC will not be held responsible for repair. Any additional issues found while working on the repair will not be fixed until Trading Post LLC notifies the customer of any additional cost associated with the repair. Payment is due upon completion of the repair, and all unpaid items will be held for a period of ninety (90) days before being sold without any recompense towards the previous owner.

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